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La Fête des vignerons

To pay tribute to the work of winemakers this is organized every 20 or 25 years in Vevey. The profession of winemaker requires in-depth knowledge  in many areas: the land, the grape varieties, the care given to the vine, the harvest and the cutting of grapes. La Fête des vignerons is a celebration of man and nature and, according to tradition, it is the crowning of the best workers of the vineyard.

La fête des vignerons 2019

portrait Jérôme Aké Béda

Jérôme Aké Béda’s portrait

Born in Côte d’Ivoire, he is one of the finest connoisseurs of the Swiss wines.

L’Illustré, May 2018

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The opinion of the specialist: Unique chasselas

At a conference to l’école hôtelière de Lausanne, Hugh Johnson – the recognized author of bestsellers of oenology – paid tribute in the Swiss wines and issued an appeal for the wine-growers.

Take great care of the chasselas and cultivate your local, unique and recognizable vines between all.

Do not be trendy, there is already on the market enough sauvignon white or chardonnay characterless.

Think well before to blend the pinot noir. Thus leave with these magnificent vines their own flavour.

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Aigle will host the Brussels World Cup in 2019

Aigle was selected to welcome the Concours mondial du vin de Bruxelles next year.

Some 350 tasters will come to Chablais to taste between 9000 and 10000 wines.

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