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Wines of guard

Chasselas, a grand cru which is allowed mature

Confrérie du Guillon, message of the governor Jean-Claude Vaucher

Our wine idol, was slandered but is now getting back its letters patents, especially in French-speaking Switzerland. It is good for it and the consumers habits are changing.

Traditionally consumed in the aperitif in the past, it is now drunk with the meal. It accompanies our traditional dishes of cheese and our fresh water fish, when it is young.

But when it has a few years it is a wine of high gastronomy. The potentialities of ageing of the chasselas, often underestimated, allow gastronomic success with our regional dishes as well as with the stronger European or Asiatic cooking.

In time, the complex aromas replace the subtle characteristics of the young chasselas. We can then compare it in great riesling or, according to the vintage wine, in renowned chardonnay. What the oenologists and the wine growers had noticed it is appreciated by the oenophiles and the gastronomes today. This potentiality of ageing is due to the quality of the wine which besides keeps it freshness without oxidizing. What can give some explanation is the presence of carbon dioxide in the young wine.

Moreover the top rate chefs propose chasselas wines of 5 to 10 year-old on their wine list. The active promotion of aged chasselas is also made by La Baronnie du Dézaley, Clos, Domaines & Châteaux or Mondial du Chasselas, nd our confrérie.

In conclusion and besides being the wine of every hour and of any opportunity, it ages marvelously.
This capacity can only contribute to the fame and the recognition of this vine by the general public while making the happiness of the well-informed and patient gastronomes.