Le roi des cépages

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Le roi des cépages

The cultivation of Chasselas

In the vineyard

The work of the ground evolved.

The ploughing with the pickaxe, hoeing, hoeing again, light ploughing: four actions.

The revolution

Formerly the vine growers chased away the grass of the vineyard by a hard manual work and they went back the ground to man’s back because of the erosion.

The change

All the works are now mechanized: maintaining ploughing, plantation, weeding, sanitary treatment, work of the sheet, grape harvest.

For pruning, the size clippers were improved but it is always manual. The pruning is important and will condition the future harvest.

Long process

It was necessary to transform the vineyard to welcome the tractor.

On the slopes and in the split plots of land the conventional equipment cannot be used.

Les barbues

It is the name of the new plants. They are planted in spring. The life cycle of a stock is about 35 years. After, it is necessary to replace it. The uprooting is made in autumn.

A la cave

In the cellar

Vine growers, oenologists and commercial services work together to improve a long know-how, to create new wines and to answer the versatility of the request.


It is the last stage before the marketing.